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Chiller Water Treatment Chemicals

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Industrial water treatment is for optimization of most industrial processes based on water, such as: heating, cooling, processing, cleaning, and rinsing, so that operating costs and risks are reduced.Chillers are heat removal devices used to transfer process waste heat to the atmosphere. Chillers may either use the evaporation of water to remove process heat and cool the working fluid or in the case of closed circuit dry Chillers rely solely on air to cool the working fluid. Common applications include cooling the circulating water used in oil refineries, chemical plants, power stations and building cooling.Chillers can scale up and corrode, but left untreated, the warm, dirty water they can contain will encourage bacteria to grow.We are a leading manufacturer and exporter of chemical compounds and chiller / HVACnR Chemicals which are used in various industrial purposes. Our offered range of chemical compounds is used to enhance the performance of the systems by making them free from corrosion, impurities and other undesired elements. Our company is located in Kolkata, and started its beginning in 1970.From the beginning till today we are producing and delivering best quality solutions with the certification of ISO 9001:2008.

 With the wide network and more than 25 distributors in the bigger cities all over India we are capable of delivering bulk of chemical products. With the rich experience of more than 4 decades we are doing our business and are proud to be counted as one of the trusted business partners of our clients. We are well acclaimed by our valuable customers and supported by them at domestic as well as international level. With the transparent & honest business ethics and practices we have successfully established a harmonic client-supplier relationship.We have emphasized on the product of Chiller Chemicals. The chiller chemical industry is growing proportionally with the HVAC Industry. Looking at the changing demands in shopping malls, hotels, hospitals and urban infrastructure development boom in India, the HVAC Industry is growing about 15 - 20% every year. Further, we also concentrated on the manufacturing of speciality chemicals including RO Chemicals, Corrosion Inhibitors, disinfectants.

Chiller Circuit Cleaning & Passivation Chemicals

Chiller Circuit Cleaning and Passivation chemical plays a vital role in keeping the closed loop system operating efficiently. Of particular importance is the removal of foulants such as corrosion scales, water derived mineral deposits, grease, oil-based foulants etc. The presence of dirt and scales are also common. Cleaning new system is just as important as cleaning the old ones, since new systems may be coated with oil or a protective film.

The scales and contaminants drastically reduce heat transferability of the system due to the low thermal conductivity. To ensure maximum system performance, the system should be cleaned and passivated with PASSIRINSE before charging the new brine/water with inhibitor package.

Chiller Circuit Cleaning & Passivation Chemicals

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Cooling Tower Fills & Louver Cleaners

Being a leading firm, we are engaged in manufacturing and exporting a huge gamut of Cooling Tower Fills & Louver Cleaners. These cooling towers fills and louver cleaner are highly efficient in distributing water with excellent heat transfer ability for supreme functionality. Our cooling tower fills are very sturdy and easy to install with excellent designs and great dimensions.




  • Easy to install
  • Sturdy construction
  • Supreme functionality

Cooling Tower Fills & Louver Cleaners

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Coil Cleaner

Alstashine - coil cleaner is a non-acid liquid cleaner & brightener for complete removal of dirt, dust, greasy & oily soils, carbon deposits & grime on the aluminum fins & copper coils of ahu, fcu, air conditioners, car condenser and radiator (external), air cooled chillers, air cooled condensers, air cooler tube bundle etc. It is easily used manually with normal, hydraulic or atomized sprayer. It rapidly cuts organic deposits and disinfects the system to circulate fresh & healthy air.

Alsta shine has self foaming characteristics which immediately start foaming when it comes in contact with dirt; enabling excellent penetration of the cleaning chemical into the coils for complete cleaning that instantly shows increase of cfm/air velocity in ahu (air handling units).

Coil Cleaner

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Refrigerant Line Flushing Solvent

Alstarinse is a unique refrigerant line flushing solvent (CTC substitute). Alstarinse is a highly effective blend of stabilized vaporizing solvents for flushing out carbon & carbon deposits, moisture, dirt, oil, sludge & other metal deposits from the refrigerant line & compressor line.

Refrigerant line flushing solvent (ctc substitute) - alstarinse is an excellent choice for cleaning & degreasing of refrigerant tubes for its compatibility with refrigerants such as r134a, r21, r22, and ammonia etc. It is also compatible with all ac components such as seals, o-rings etc

Alstarinse - refrigerant line flushing solvent (carbon tetra chloride substitute) successfully replaces ctc (carbon tetra chloride) & is referred as a better substitute of ctc (carbon tetra chloride) in industrial cleaning applications.

Refrigerant Line Flushing Solvent

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